Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Deal With Various Skin Rashes and Disorders

The dermis or skin is the largest organ belonging to the human body. It is exposed to more pollutants than you care to imagine both seen and unseen. We also have so many more pollutants and foreign debris that have accumulated in the air over the centuries, some natural and some not so natural. The skin is a tough organ with a spot on filtration system of sweat glands and pores. We have a lot thrown at us as fat as how to care for the skin, how to clean it and flush out the toxins that cause things like skin rashes and acne, which is more prevalent now in adults which was not the case until fairly rebently.

Some of the most common disorders of the skin is acne and skin rash. Acne, while hard to treat is not as daunting as skin rash. A skin rash can be caused by anything from an internal issue if accompanied by a fever or a possible reaction to a food allergen. It can also be caused by outside pollutants such as dirt in the air if you are outside a lot or your work environment if it is an industrial one. It is tough to treat something if you don't know what the cause is.

Here are some of the symptoms of a rash caused by a medical issue:

1. A red rash on the face, arm or chest. Roll a glass that you can see through the affected area and if it disappears for a moment then you need to get to a hospital or especially if it is a child and is accompanied by high fever, stiff neck and confusion.

2. A rosy color that covers the skin on the face that never goes away is called rosacea. The cause has been argued over the years but makeup and some experimental medication can be used to cover or relieve some of this.

3. Hive-like breakouts with purplish itchy spots that may be excruciatingly painful but not always could be shingles a chicken-pox like nerve condition.