Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Body and Beauty Care Treatment by Spa Facilities

When you're looking to release tension, cure body aches or simply just relax, a professional Spa facility has everything you'll need. Renowned spa facilities offer a vast array of therapeutic body treatments tailored to your individual needs aimed to balance beauty, mind and health. You'll often see an incorporation of western and eastern traditional techniques used to maintain health and well being through custom massage and various other replenishing body treatments.

People rely on these spa facilities, as they offer a complete menu of services and treatments that relax the body, make them feel better, look healthier and provide instructional advice on how to continue living healthy in between spa treatments.

Spa treatments and services are ideal those who choose a distinctive lifestyle that fosters the principles of healthy living and clear thinking.

Some of the renowned techniques offered to customers of spa facilities include:

Hydrating Treatments for the Back

This ultra-soothing and hydrating treatment for the back relaxes and cleanses. An experienced Aesthetician will use techniques that include a dry brushing of the skin, cleansing of the skin, masque application and exfoliation with the use of hot steam. This is then followed by a massage of the back and shoulders. Often times aromatherapy is used for a complete multi-sensory experience. This treatment will then include a massage of the hands and feet, making this an ultimate full body experience that is not only relaxing but also hydrating for extra dry skin.

Customized European Facial

Customized to each individual, this head-to-toe treatment is the ultimate in skin care. It uses ultrasonic cleansing and exfoliation to deeply clean the pores. Other techniques incorporated include micro-currents, serums and masques that regenerate and help to improve skin health. Often times, this skin nourishing treatment include an aromatherapy pressure point massage of the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet for complete relaxation and replenishment. It is also a proven and renowned anti aging solution for the people that keep them rejuvenated.