Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Middle Aged Facial Skin - Tips For Keeping Your Skin Young

When you reach middle age, you should find ways to keep your aged facial skin looking younger and fresh. This is the age where you should start feeling conscious about your looks as you are not getting any younger.

This is also the time when the skin is losing its collagen and elastin which makes the skin sag. It is important to care for your skin and ensure your face still looks attractive. Caring for your face and skin takes only a few minutes a day and it can be a relaxing experience.

Here are tips to keep your aged facial skin firm and youthful:

Always drink at least eight glasses of water. This will help hydrate your skin to make it healthy inside and out. Water will moisturize your skin so that it will be more youthful. It also helps flush out toxins that may harm the skin.

Exfoliate your face regularly using a facial scrub. Apply a toner after cleansing your face with a gentle facial wash. Follow this with a facial moisturizing cream.

It should contain at least a sunscreen protection formula of 15 or more. This will help protect your face from the harmful rays of the skin which quicken the aging process. You should also apply sun block cream half an hour before going outside of the house in the morning and afternoon.

Reapply sun block after every two hours. Put on natural facial masks a couple of times a week. This kind of facial regimen will help keep your aged facial skin looking younger.

The eyes tend to develop lines and wrinkles as you get older. To prevent this, always put on a good natural eye cream around your eyes, especially underneath. Regularly applying an eye cream will protect the skin around the eyes from sagging thus you will not need to undergo expensive procedures such as Botox.

For sagging aged facial skin, rub it with vitamin E. Prick a Vitamin E capsule open and rub its liquid or juice onto the skin. Vitamin E helps protect skin cells from pollution, ultra violet rays of the sun, free radicals and other harmful elements. It lessens fines lines and wrinkles as well.

When going out of the house and into the daylight, always wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover your face from the sun's rays. You should also put on sunglasses to protect the eyes. Such protection will help keep your aged facial skin fresh and youthful looking.