Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Create Radiant Skin In 40 Seconds

A 40-second treatment with natural salts folded into rich emollients can leave your face glowing and radiant as if you'd just had a 1-hour facial.

Salt's granular texture creates a gently abrasive scrub that loosens dead skin cells. Dead cells cause the skin to look tired and dull. With a little scrubbing they melt away and your skin looks vibrant again. Any granular textured ingredient can work as a scrubbing agent, but salt does much more than just scrub the skin

It also deeply cleans the pores, purifying and, disinfecting them. And it stimulates the skin's surface circulation. The result is immediate: glowing, polished skin radiant with health.

Sea salt is made by evaporating seawater, but every ocean is different and every seaside spot on the globe produces salt with a unique mineral makeup. The seawater absorbs minerals from the ocean floor. When collected and dried, the water evaporates leaving behind mineral-rich salt.

Coarse sea salt can be too abrasive for the skin but that's no reason to avoid the skin rejuvenating effects of a salt exfoliant. Natural salts can be milled to a fine powdery texture that won't irritate even sensitive skin. French Grey Sea Salt, for example, has a texture that is ideal for skin care. French spas have used it for centuries to refresh dull skin. The French still extract the salt by using clay pots to hold the seawater while it evaporates in the sun. Then they mill the coarse grains into a fine mineral-rich powder that is ideal for skincare.. The grey color, and some additional minerals, come from the clay pots.

The sea isn't the only place to get mineral-rich salt. Salt deposits from mountainous regions contain unique mineral compositions. Natural salt deposits harvested from the Bolivian Andes have a pink color due to the fine particles of iron it contains. The same goes for Pink Himalaya Rock Salt.

When these natural, finely-milled salts are folded into moisturizing oils and emollients, you get a salt exfoliant that doubles as a moisturizer. So with a simple 40-second treatment once or twice a week:

    * Dead cells are removed
    * Skin is smoother
    * Pores are cleaned and disinfected
    * Circulation is stimulated
    * Face glows like you've just had a facial
    * Breakouts are reduced
    * Complexion stays clear

Beautiful skin is simple. It does not take a lot of time, or a lot of products. It is just a matter of using your time and your money wisely. Routine exfoliation with a pure, organic product is one of the best things you can do for your complexion, and it takes hardly any time or money to make a habit of it. You will love the results.